Here are some tips for some Shanghai gastronomic delight.

Shanghai is known for the best Chinese cuisine, there are restaurants that offer cuisines from around the city that are noteworthy writing about.  

Here are our top five picks of Shanghai’s best dining places.

1. Mr and Mrs Bund
A modern French eatery by Paul Pairet in cosmopolitan Shanghai,  Mr and Mrs Bund serves French favourites and sharing as well as second servings abound. It has a straightforward menu that takes simple French classics to start with, then you add or develop something from there.  

2. Table Number 1
Table No. 1 is popularly known for world-influenced modern European cuisine. Focusing on food sharing, dishes at Table No. 1 come in big portions so diners can enjoy a dining experience through sampling of more tantalizing creations.  The menu is an interesting blend of the simple and the subtle.

3. Kota’s Kitchen
If you love Beatles, this is the restaurant for you.  Take part in Kota’s kitchen grilled meats, good drinking times and '60s nostalgia, most especially. It can be pricey, but the quality is there.  In addition, frosty mugs of draft Asahi beer await you at Kota’s Kitchen.

4. 12 Chairs
Perhaps the most exclusive dining destination in Shanghai, 12 Chairs is located at Sinan Mansions. The concept of 12 chairs with dishes personally created by the chef is very ideal.  It is like eating in your own dining room.  Moreover, the menu changes every month, with emphasis on the clean, seasonal ingredients.

5. M on the Bund
The idea behind M on the Bund was to create a dining experience as exciting, as sophisticated, and as delectable as Shanghai itself.  With its strategic location on the top of the historic Nissin Shipping Building, M overlooks Shanghai’s most famous sight: the Bund.  Diners sample a creative menu of traditional Shanghai dishes with a contemporary spin.  
So let you palate travel around the world in these top dining choices in Shanghai!

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