The Silk Road played a huge part in the history and economy of China, but now it has become a challenging route taken by many bold travelers.


Silk Road, the vital system of interconnecting trade routes over the Afro-Eurasian territories in the past, now attracts a good number of travelers who brave through this timeworn route via a private car, bus or train.

If it is your first time traversing the Silk Road, you should check with a travel medicine expert for medications and vaccinations to prepare while traveling, and it is recommended to carry phrasebooks of Persian, Russian and Chinese languages.

See Abram Hodgens’ excellent time-lapse video of the Silk Road, in which he shares,

In 2009, I spent two months traveling from Shanghai to the most northern and western areas of the remote Chinese territories. I did not plan to make this film until I was already on the road, so my equipment wasn't the best. I didn't have a good tripod until I bought a small fake gorilla-pod in Urumqi… I think the most interesting parts are in Xinjiang and western Sichuan (on the Tibetan plateau). There is a Tibetan sky burial, but it is filmed far enough away so it is not graphic.

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