Another interesting destination awaits the globetrotter in you – right here in Tibet.

With so much to cover in Tibet, it’s understandable how you want to know which ones are the ultimate destinations in this plateau region.  

Let us help you plot your itinerary by suggesting 5 of the most interesting sites to visit.

  1. Everest Base Camp: Trekking is the best way to cover the Everest Base Camp.  Famous for its spectacular mountain peaks and the loyalty and friendliness of the Sherpas, the Everest region is one of the most popular destinations for travellers in Nepal.
  2. Rongbuk Monastery: On sunny days, you’ll see a pile of thick clouds, just like a white flag floats lightly above the peak, known to be the miracle of 'The Highest Flag Cloud in the World'. Without a doubt, Rongbuk Monastery is gradually becoming a highlight for tourists.
  3. Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon: The world highest river beckons.  The diversified climatic zones distributed vertically in the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon determined its distribution of diverse vegetation and numerous wild animals. Nearly 5,000 species of vegetation are found here, and representative animals of the south and north as well as the Grand Canyon have won its reputation as a natural arboretum, natural zoo and a Plant Gene Bank.
  4. Ruins of Guge Kingdom: The Guge Kingdom was founded in 10th century but mysteriously disappeared in 17th century. The ruins came to light just decades ago and a large-scale archaeological work began upon its discovery.  A great deal of exquisite sculptures, carvings and murals were unearthed and houses, cave dwellings, monasteries and stupas were found.

On the whole, you’d really enjoy your time when travelling to Tibet – just include these top four sites in your itinerary!