Watch expert mountain climbers scale one of China’s most dangerous mountains.

Although the west face of Mt. Edgar had been successfully scaled by a Korean team back in 2001, a sad tragedy in 2009 has made this mountain in Sichuan Province a very precarious place for mountain climbing activities. This especially holds true in its East Face, where three Americans did not survive an entire climb.

Nonetheless, Kyle Dempster and Bruce Normand were able to successfully ascend Mt. Edgar during an eight-day ascent and descent in its East Face. Watch their adventure in Black Diamond Equipment’s vid, in which the user shares,

This video is Part Two and covers the first ascent on Edgar. Introspective and honest, Dempster speaks in-depth about the dangers encountered on Edgar and how accepting such risks in order to make the ascent left him heavily troubled, vowing to never again climb on such an active and dangerous mountain.

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