Want to see the mighty Terracotta Warriors? Then check out the Terracotta Warriors & Xi’an Markets Tour in China. On this tour visitors will explore the morning produce markets of Xi’an, try a traditional Xi'an breakfast and visit the site of the famous Terracotta Warriors.

Experience a fun and wonderful combination of shopping and sightseeing with Terracotta Warriors and Xi’an Markets in Shaanxi, China. Take a break from the stress and worries back home and have the vacation you always wanted. Bring the family with you and make wonderful memories you won’t be forgetting soon.

Terracotta Warriors & Xi’an Markets Tour is a full day tour in which you’ll see the world-famous Terracotta Warriors. Not only will you see this famous landmark attraction, you’ll also get to shop for some tasty local snacks that you can enjoy later on the day. Learn the fascinating history of charming Xi’an with a friendly English speaking guide. Capture some amazing memories on famous landmark attractions. Also, you can discover some of the key ingredients used in Chinese cooking in which you can take back home.



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