Feast your senses, especially your sense of taste, to the culinary offerings of one of the most unique restos in the world.

Helmed by the Mr. & Mrs. Bund chef, named Paul Pairet, his comeback has aptly connected him to the fascinating Shanghai restaurant, called Ultraviolet.

For approximately $315 for a 20-course set meal, diners are provided with a succession of uniquely created fares that are especially clustered by nature and size. You’ll be welcomed by a bite-size fare, moving on to heavier dishes that will bring you to what they call as the ‘pivotal moment’.

Even Justin Bergman of NY Times Travel felt the need to try out this new resto in Shanghai and allow his senses to be overloaded with pleasurable delights (“Restaurant Report: Ultraviolet in Shanghai”). Here’s an overview of what he has experienced in this newly-opened Oriental resto:

The four-hour meal is high on whimsy and imagination. Mr. Pairet’s play on fish and chips (a single, battered caper berry stuffed with anchovy paste and paired with a Scottish beer) emerges in a dreary storm with images of raindrops on the walls and the sounds of thunder, before a British flag is illuminated on the table and the Beatles’ “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” begins to play… Diners are transported to the beach for the steamed lobster course, surrounded by crashing waves, the cries of sea gulls and the scent of seawater from the steam of a pressure cooker the host of the dinner, Fabien Verdier, whisks around the room. With each meal priced at 2,000 renminbi per person (or $314 at 6.35 renminbi to the dollar), the success of Ultraviolet ultimately depends on the quality of the food.

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