Shanghai's Best (and Cheapest) Places To Eat

Many travelers who want to visit China at some point in their life list Shanghai as their Chinese destination of choice. And while Shanghai is indeed an exciting place to visit, many people mistakenly think that eating there has to be expensive. The truth is that most restaurants are relatively inexpensive and serve a good selection of great tasting dishes.

Discover the Attractions of Yangshuo County, China

Yangshuo County is under the jurisdiction of Guilin City. Its seat of authority is located in Yangshuo Town. The idyllic town is surrounded by karst peaks and is accessible either by road from Guillin City or by boat on Li River.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver is ready to ring in the Year of the Goat with an exciting addition to its team. The hotel is thrilled to welcome Che Huadong, tea master and trained expert in the arts of Kung Fu.

Cruising China's Yangtze River --

Cruising the Three Gorges section of China’s Yangtze River exposes a traveler to a stunning scenic region of the third longest river on Earth. Only the Nile and the Amazon exceed the Yangtze in length.

"Explore stunning monuments of Pharoahs and Kings on a Nile River cruise "

No Nile cruise can be complete without visiting the various stunning monuments of Pharaohs - some of them as old as 6,000 BC. Egypt was an ancient power under the leadership of the kings - the Pharaohs. They amassed a lot of wealth and artifacts from all over the world. There is no single place, apart from maybe China, where you can study the history of the world as in Egypt. Below are some of the most popular monuments of Pharaohs around the Nile River Basin.

Video: 5000 Chinese Kilometers

With almost similar land area size to the US, only one thing’s for sure, and that is that China has countless of travel attractions to offer to just about everyone.

10 cool facts about the Yangtze River

Known as the Chang Jiang in China, Yangtze River is Asia's longest river and the third longest river in the world after River Nile in Africa and River Amazon in the Amazon Basin. Amazingly, the River Yangtze delta produces about 20% of the People's Republic of China GDP. Below are a few interesting facts about Yangtze River.

5 Things you didn't know about Hong kong

Hong Kong is an autonomous region of the People's Republic of China and one of the busiest cities in the world. It is a major financial hub for the East, sort of like how New York is important in the Americas and London in Europe. A lot has been said about the country, but I bet you do not know the following interesting facts about Hong Kong.

Best Burger joints in Beijing

Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and one of the most powerful cities in the world today - both politically and economically. The Chinese are becoming more and more globalized if the number of the burger joints within their capital city is anything to go by. They have acquired a taste for the ever popular American delicacy and you will find some crazy queues outside burger joints in the city. Below are the most popular burger joints in Beijing.