Needless to say, China is a vast travel destination that won’t allow any traveler to tour it in just a couple of days. So which part of this country should you pick and spend your precious time in?


Suzhou is one of the many beautiful cities that you’ll find yourself gushing about when traveling to China. 

This city in Jiangsu province has numerous temples that will let you get absorbed in all its cultural glory, but aside from these historic travel attractions, there are three other places that you should never miss out when visiting Suzhou.
1. Classical Gardens of Suzhou
This is a group of gardens that are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For almost a millennium, the 69 beautiful gardens that were founded by scholars offer conventional Chinese garden styles that imitate natural sceneries of rivers, hills and rocks. 
2. Suzhou Silk Museum
The best way to see one of the best industries in Suzhou back then is to visit the Suzhou Silk Museum, where the production of Chinese silk and satin is shared with visitors.
3. Humble Administrator’s Garden
Try staying away from the Humble Administrator’s Garden during official Chinese holidays, and start planning a trip during the autumn, spring and summer seasons. It is one of the must-see places in Suzhou because it is considered as the biggest ancient garden of the city. 
On the whole, you will be seeing a lot of lovely gardens when in Suzhou, so if you love flowers and plants, then you should definitely book the garden tours offered in the city!

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